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The original wildlife travel destination, Africa remains at the top of animal lovers’ wish lists for good reason. From the jungles of Rwanda and the waterways of Botswana, to the beaches of South Africa and the plains of Kenya, there’s so much to explore here.

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Asia is a truly unique place to see animals in the wild. In India, tigers stalk their prey through ancient palaces and ruined fortresses. In Borneo, orangutans swing through the tree tops in search of fruit. And in Sri Lanka, Asian elephants roam national parks and sub tropical forests.

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Much like everything else in North America, the wildlife here is big. Bison, alligators, mountain lions and numerous bears call this continent home, along with over two thirds of the world’s polar bear population. It’s a wildlife lover’s dream.

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Two puffins greeting each other on Skomer Island

Though not a traditional destination for wildlife travel, Europe has plenty to offer. From bears in Finland, to Eurasian lynx in Spain, and from puffins in Iceland to countless birdlife in Hungary, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it before.

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Koala holding on to tree

Australasia is home to a huge number of endemic species. Adorable koalas, feisty kangaroos, cute quokkas, unique kiwis, and countless native creepy crawlies… there’s only one place on earth you’ll find them, and it’s totally worth the trip.

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Common basilisk lizard looking at camera

With the likes of Costa Rica, Mexico and Belize within its borders, there’s no wonder Central America is one of the best places in the world to see wildlife. Here, rainforests and beaches are teeming with primates, birds and spectacular marine life too.

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Penguin on ice looking to sky

Voyagers to Antarctica brave the harsh conditions to see adorable penguins traversing the ice, leopard seals hunting their prey and giant whales breaching beneath the icy waters. This is a real once in a lifetime experience.


Two parrots flying in front of palm leaves in jungle

The huge footprint of South America makes it the ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife. From jaguars at home in the Amazon rainforest, to penguins in the cooler seas of Patagonia, the animals here are as diverse as the landscapes they live in.

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